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How To Organize Full Size Bed Frame With Storage In A Small Room

How To Organize Full Size Bed Frame With Storage In A Small Room – Knowing the dimensions and layout of a small bedroom can make the difference between spending time arranging heavy furniture and finding logical set-up on the first attempt. Even the bed is a focal point in a bedroom; it should not consume all of the space, as this can eliminate the functionality and comfort. Arrange a full size bed frame with storage in a small bedroom requires use of the furniture, walls and bed frame for the dual purpose of maximizing limited space. This helps to create a welcoming environment versus restricted bedrooms equipped with a full size bed frame with storage and its accessories.



Measure the length and width of the room to compare it with the dimensions of the full size bed frame with storage. Consider placing a mattress on a platform bed frame with no ends to save space. Full size bed frame are delivered with built-in storage space that can eliminate the need for a dresser or shelves, freeing up more space in a small bedroom. Find the location of outlets in the room so you can plan where to put items such as lamps, computer desk and alarm clock without sleep block access.

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Center the full size bed frame with storage on the largest wall, if it does not interfere with the door opening and walking space, or arranging the bed so one side is flush with the wall opposite the door. You should have at least 2 feet of walking space on at least one side of the bed and between the bed and an open closet door, bedroom door and bedroom furniture. Layer the pillows against the wall at the head of the bed to give the impression of a headboard. Arrange a small furniture table on either side of the full-size bed, the bed is centered, or on one side of a bed that is flush with the wall. Place table lamps on the nightstands instead of using floor lamps that take up space. Add shelves on the walls to store books, stationery and ornaments or store any items in the bed frame locker. This can eliminate the need for kitchen cabinets and shelves which takes up floor space.

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