“Okatibbee Creek: The Complete Series” is a collection of stories about the Rodgers family and the strong women of our southern American past. They are stand-alone stories and do not need to be experienced in order. They are the real-life stories of my grandmothers, aunts, and cousins, but if your family has long been in the United States, these stories could be about your female ancestors—the women who fought for us, for our safety, our lives, and our freedom, and who sacrificed everything with the depth of their love and astounding bravery.

The series begins with “Okatibbee Creek,” the story of Mary Ann Rodgers who was faced with the impossible challenge of keeping her family together during the American Civil War. The tales continue with her niece, Ellen Rodgers, in “An Orphan’s Heart.” Ellen was left orphaned during the war and spent her adult years struggling to find her place in the world as well as the love her heart yearned for. The third book, “Elly Hays,” backs up in time to the War of 1812. Elly was Mary Ann’s grandmother. As the War of 1812 began, Elly found herself living in the middle of the Creek Indian Nation’s civil war and in her own private battle with a fierce and mighty warrior.

The Rodgers family legacy continues to this day, as their descendants number in the hundreds of thousands and have spread throughout the United States. Today, descendants live in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, California, North Carolina, Illinois, and Michigan, and continue under the surnames Rodgers, Matlock, Landrum, Phillips, Deaton, Kirk, Hendricks, Meek, Carpenter, and Jolly, to name a very few.

“Okatibbee Creek: The Complete Series” is available exclusively at Amazon in Kindle.

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